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How to Play Tens and Twos

Get Tens and Twos for your iPhone and iPad on the App Store: Tens & Twos

The Game has a walkthrough that teaches you how to play and it has the rules that are easily readable.


Be the first to get rid of all your cards in your hand and the ones lain in front of you.

How the Game Starts

The game is usually played with one or more decks and 2 to 4 players at once.

The game starts with every player receiving 3 sets of 3 cards.

The remaining cards are put into a pile in the center.

Each player then selects 2 of the 3 sets to pick up and leaves the third set for later.

Each player them selects 3 cars (usually his or her best cards) to put aside to pick up later in the game.

The game then starts with the player with the lowest card playing a card first.

The next player then has to play a card with the same or higher value. If the player cannot play then he or she must pick the deck up.

Card Values

2 card - The 2 card may be played at any time and it resets the deck.

10 card - The 10 card may be played at any time and clears the deck.

The rest of the cards have no special effects an the card values are represented from lowest to highest:
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 J Q K A

Other Rules

Each player must have at least 3 cards in their hand while there is a pile to take from left.

If four cards of the same value are played on top of each other then the deck is cleared.

If the deck does not have any cards in it or it was previously cleared then the player must play any card.

If the deck has a 2 on top then the play must play another card.

Any player can pick up the deck any time when his or her turn starts.

Get the iOS Game on the App Store: Tens & Twos

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