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Created For: Everyone to play Tens and Twos on their iOS devices
Role: Design, Computation, Layout, Creation, Functionality, Artistry

This is my first application created for iOS devices. This is made to play like the card game of Tens and Twos. It is a very fun game.

The game is complete with fully functional AI along with achievements and leaderboards.

There will be normal updates and native functionality is now on the iPad too.

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Since antiquity, man has awaited the arrival of an application that would bring card games on iOS to new and extraordinary heights. Now an old favorite has done just that, for Tens and Twos has arrived for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Featuring high-resolution retina graphics, intelligent computer players, and upbeat music and sounds, the player is completely immersed the in gaming experience.

Not sure how to play? Don't worry! Tens and Twos is simple to play and anyone can pick it up. There is an interactive tutorial provided to learn the strategies and rules of the game. In addition, clean and crisp animations throughout the game provide an easy way for the player to follow in-game play.

Think this game is going to be TOO easy? Think again! There are numerous settings that give this simple game a new twist. Try changing the difficulty of the game by adjusting the settings for the number of decks and players.

With Game Center integrated into the application, Tens and Twos is open to the entire world. There are 30 achievements to earn, and leader boards to climb so you can compete with your friends online.

Customizations now allow the user to change the way he or she wants the playing board to appear. There is the ability to change the background to 7 different backdrops! And the cards can be changed to 24 different themes!


- High-Resolution Retina Display Graphics
- Customizations to change card and background themes
- Intelligent Computers to play against
- Interactive Tutorial
- Game Center compatibility
- Upbeat music
- Multiple game settings
- Advertisement FREE

Not only can you play it on your iPhone, but also on your iPad using the same app!

Get the App on the App Store: Tens & Twos

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