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I have been a computer programmer for over three years and enjoy programming in many different languages.

I create websites for individuals and/or small businesses.

View my previous works on my portfolio page.

You can hear more about my web development or my application development.

One of my programming highlights was being the lead programmer for the St. Edward Robotics Team in the First Robotics competition in 2010. Now I continue to learn how to code at The Ohio State University. Check out my education page.


I enjoy sports, my favorite being soccer. I was a varsity soccer player when in high school and currently play intramural at OSU. I also play many other sports like flag football, racquetball and volleyball to name a few.

I also enjoy extreme sports. Just this past May I went skydiving solo. It was amazing and I strongly encourage anyone to do it. I also enjoy white water rafting, para sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

In my free time at college I picked up my first instrument. It is a guitar, surprisingly. I can strum a few notes but still need lots of practice.

Fan Of...

Apple is definitely the company I admire most. I own a Mac, iPhone, and iPad and they are all necessary to me. I am pretty savvy with all Apple features and applications on any of these products. One of my highlights was getting to meet and speak with Tony Fadell, inventor of the IPod, at my high school a few years ago. Check out

Google is another great company. They have produced some wonderful free applications for users and its software is user friendly. Check out

Facebook is quite remarkable. The movie version of its creation, The Social Network, impresses me. I have one and I appreciate the way it connects friends and acquaintances. Check out If you don't already have a Facebook, I would encourage you to get one.

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