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My iOS Apps

I have created many different apps for fun.

Most of them are games but also have other apps I have contributed to.

Check out the Bobby Rohweder Apps Website.

View these apps on the App Store.

Little Tank Apps

Little Tank Apps is a company was created with my friend Nathan Gammella.

We create apps that are made to be fun for everyone!

Check out the Little Tank Apps Website.

View these apps on the App Store.

More About Me

I enjoy making applications as a hobby. Trying new techniques and patterns while creating apps and games is fun!

I also do some website creation, but mostly simple things.

See some of my public code on my Github Page

See my work experience on my LinkedIn Page

Other Interesting Things

Since people still like to read it, here are the Rules to Tens & Twos.

You can support me by downloading any of my favorite games:
Jetpack Jack or Pair Away!